Division of Workers' Compensation - Workers' compensation court public information search

EAMS - Electronic Adjudication Management System

The information on workers' compensation adjudication cases provided through this search page is public information. This search feature provides access to information that helps move cases through the workers' compensation court system efficiently.
Each person who requests information through this search function is responsible for ensuring the information is not used for purposes other than those allowed by law.
The law requires that people requesting access to public information:
    •  Identify themselves
    •  State the reason for making the request
    •  Not disclose the information to any person who is not entitled to it under Labor Code section 138.7.
The residence addresses of injured workers and Social Security numbers are confidential and are not disclosed by the Division of Workers' Compensation. No documents are available through this search function. Requests for documents should be made following the guidelines for access to public records.
If the reason for requesting access to this public information is related to pre-employment screening, the requestor must follow the guidelines for access to public records.



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The Division of Workers' Compensation retains one year of records for those requesting information through this search function.